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Since our newest pups are not to active yet and we just have Mr Handsome, I thought it might fun to just share some of our adults now and then when things are quieter around here.

Today, it will be our handsome Dickens. We’ve had Dickens since he was about eight weeks old. I bought him from a breeder to replace the other male we had at the time when he retired.

Dickens has been such a good puppy and adult. We had some stuff going on when he was a puppy which prevented us from socializing him and his puppyhood passed quietly on the farm.

But the next year when I signed him up for basic obedience class. His first major outing away from home. He was so chill. We got to class and there are always a few rowdy pups barking and pulling on their leashes the first night or so but he just laid on the grass as cool as a cucumber. Nothing fazed him. It was like he had been the most socialized puppy around and yet this was his first big trip off the property (besides vet visits of course).

He went on to complete basic obedience and her his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate. Another year we went back for a special class to earn the next step a AKC Community Canine certificate.

The other day I let the dogs out in the morning to potty; the girls in their yard and the boys in their yard. Once the girls went back into the dog house, I opened the gate and let the boys have access to both yards. With several girls in and out of heat, the boys have to sniff the entire yard and mark as many spots as possible. I left them to their “fun” and headed to the house.

Later I went out to put the boys away as I prepared to head to Spokane. (My bestie was in a horrible ATV accident on Monday and I was heading to Spokane to see her. For those that remember she has shared pictures of Obi, formerly Rodeo one of our Aussaliers that she adopted. She could sure use some prayers and she has a long road of recovery ahead.)

The boys all came in except Dickens :O I frantically went out calling and found him under the play structure sleeping. I honestly thought he had died in his sleep. He was so still and usually comes when I call him. But when he opened his eyes and looked at me, it was obvious he wasn’t feeling well. His eyes were all red, goobery and the third eyelid was up. (Did you know your dog has a third eyelid? It’s that little membrane in the inside corner that will sometimes be visible if there is an eye irritation or something if off.) And he just wasn’t acting himself. I suspected he might have got in a tussle with one of the boys or maybe he’d been in the way when someone peed or pottied and flung dirt in his face. (You know how dog’s “peel out” and kicked up grass and dirt after they potty?)

And of course it was noon time when the vets are out to lunch so I just got the answering machine when I called the vet’s office. I left a message and explained the situation and told them I’d be dropping Dickens off on my way to Spokane to have him looked at. Thankfully when I got there they were gracious enough to check in him even though they were already swamped.

I spent the afternoon with my buddy. And believe it or not the vet was still at the office later that night when I drove back by on my way home so I was able to stop and pick Dickens up! (I knew I wouldn’t make it back by by regular closing hours so just figured I’d have to drive back the next day to pick him up). Those poor ladies work such long hours taking care of all of our pets. Please be kind to your vets and staff! <3

So he is lounging in the living room as we speak getting eye meds twice a day. His eyes looked so much better after just the first dose of medication.

Dickens will be nine years old this fall and we should probably start thinking about retirement. Boys aren’t retired as young as girls since reproduction is much easier on the males. And since Asher has stepped up into the fatherhood role it takes a little pressure off of Dickens to be the only Cavalier dad. But I don’t know if he’ll be going anywhere even after retirement or when that will officially be. For now he’s enjoying his little “vacation”.


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  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    I’m glad that he is having a nice retreat❤️ I’m so thankful Ollie got his dad’s personality. Dickens is the best dog🙏🐶

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