Available retired Poodle

Well, as some of you may remember reading a few months back, my in-laws adopted little Hazel from us after they lost their precious little Annie.

I thought for sure Hazel would attach herself to my mother-in-law but instead it was my father-in-law that she followed around like a shadow. They love her to pieces.

Unfortunately, Hazel needs more than they can give at this point. She needs someone that has a fenced in yard first off (She never learned to potty while on leash). So they have just been letting her out on her own to potty. Which would be fine if they had a fenced in yard, but they don’t so she’s had a few unsupervised excursions where everyone goes into a panic trying to find her. Thankfully she has always come back or been found.

Her other issue, is she needs better supervision in the house. She’s had too much free rein and not enough potty breaks outside and has now decided anywhere in the house is fine. Granted she wasn’t perfect when she left here but she has taken it a step further backwards  in her potty habits.

She needs to be on a leash, in a crate or exercise pen when not with someone and taken out frequently so she learns better habits.

She is really a sweet dog and loves attention. She has plenty of energy for walks and romps in the yard. She would probably get along with a male dog, but might be a bit bossy if she were with another female. I’m not really sure how she would do with kids as she wasn’t raised with them.  She is spayed, up-to-date on her shots and microchipped. She is about 12″ tall and weighs about 10 lbs. She will come with her crate and bed that my in-laws bought for her. She will turn six years old on June 16th.

So if you are interested in a sweet Poodle “project” please email me at pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com

Her hair is a bit longer than in these pictures so she looks fluffier right now.

P.S. I will be in Spokane this Friday if anyone is seriously interested. 🙂

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