You know I had to

I just had to get individual pictures of the puppies with their patriotic props since their five-week-old “birthday” pictures were so close to the holiday.

I mean look! There isn’t anything much cuter than those little patriotic pups!


3# 7 oz @ 5 weeks


3# 9 oz @ 5 weeks


3# 9 oz @ 5 weeks


2# @ 5 weeks

It’s fun to see their personalities emerge. The boys are definitely the two most outgoing ones. Joaquin is quite the silly, playful guy. Sequoia is also super happy-go-lucky with his constantly wagging tail. Sierra is a bit more reserved and cautious than her boisterous brothers but also a fun-loving pup in her own way. And little Delta may be small but she is a perky pup and engages in playing and exploring too. They’re all so fun to watch as they wrestle and play with each other!

I’ve switched them over to the regular litter box with the side cut down for easy access. They are eating more puppy food, but still prefer “milkshakes” from mom. Although mom only wants to check in with them a few times a day. But she still sleeps with them at night for now.

They’ve been having playtime in the living room in their own little Iris pen. They got snuggles with visitors over the Fourth. And we went out to the garden again for a potty break after lunch yesterday. They were much more brave and adventurous than they were the first time.

King (Queen) of the hill!

I don’t usually use potty pads except under the puppy pen but sometimes it’s easier to put one in the small play are.


Lunch is served!

And now to head outside for a potty break and some exploring!

There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine🌞

The kiddie pools and horse trough catch rain water to help water the garden. I stayed right by the puppies in case one accidentally hopped in a pool not knowing it was full of water. (I’ll post a video on YouTube “Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”). Sequoia accident washed his face in one! Go watch the video👍

It’s hard to see but the water was dripping over the edge and Delta was lapping at it.

Flower children 🌸

And just a reminder, we will be matching this litter this coming Sunday!

These are the names of the people that have reached out to me from our Cavapoo waiting list that are interested in this litter in the order they are on the main waiting list. If I missed adding you and you reached out to me please just send me a reminder and I’ll get you added. If you haven’t reached out and you are on our Cavapoo waiting list, you still have until Friday at noon to email me and asked to be added to the list for this litter.

If you are not on our waiting list, please check Sunday’s blog post to see if there are any puppies that did not get matched with those from our waiting list. If we have a “leftover” puppy, I will share about it on Sunday and take applications then to match it.

  • Janey K
  • Katharine H
  • Michelle N
  • Jean B
  • Stephanie F


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