Tasty treat

When you have a flock of chickens you usually have more eggs (at least part of the year) then you can consume.

Mine were starting to stack up in the refrigerator, so I decided it was time to make the dogs a special meal with some farm fresh food!

I cooked up the eggs in a bit of coconut oil with some home grown, chopped kale that I had pulled from the freezer. And as gross as this sounds, I added some frozen blueberries just before the eggs were done. My dogs tend to leave the berries behind if they are just sitting in the food. So I decided to incorporate them into the egg mixture. (It worked by the way and there was nary and blueberry left behind in any bowl!)

Just before dinner was served, I mixed and chopped in some sardines (canned in water). After this was portioned into  each dish, I added some Kefir to the mix.

Yummy treat!

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