Clean them up!

Our Poodles and Cavapoos go to the groomer in our little local town. It’s not cheap but it’s so nice to have a professional do them and to have one less chore to do.  And if her schedule isn’t too bad, I can get the whole lot down sometimes within a week (or two) so they all look spiffy at the same time.

But the Cavaliers I do myself because I don’t really trim them (unless they have extra long hair like Hope!). So it’s a matter of brushing them out and bathing them.

Ideally I like to keep the Poodles and Cavapoos brushed between groomings too.

So last week I got all the boys brushed out, nails trimmed and teeth checked to see if they needed any attention.

Then it was on to the baths!

Almost done, then it’s the girls’ turn!


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