Six weeks old

Can you believe Cami’s “California” pups are six weeks old already?!

They are growing, adventuring and just being sweet puppies!

They are using their litter boxes well, and when we go outside after meals or naps, they are getting a good start on learning to potty outside. They are enjoying the playtimes outside exploring the garden and their play area in the puppy room too.

They got to see their first big truck drive in today.

They are getting better about eating their puppy food when they’d prefer mom’s milk. They are sleeping together in a crate at night (with the door open and access to the litter box), but without mom who is sleeping in her own crate nearby.

They are getting one-on-one time away from the litter which will help when separation time does finally come. And they are learning to love cheese treats! They should be incredible cheese monsters by the time they leave here…hehehe!

Getting ready for weight, toenails trims, changing to “real” collars and intro to the clicker right before we do their weekly pictures.


4# 2 oz @ 6 weeks


4# 3 oz @ 6 weeks


4# 6 oz @ 6 weeks


2# 4.5 oz @ 6 weeks


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