Hurry and wait

Another busy day today!

Although with taking care of the California crew, hubby ran Gracie into the vet early this morning for her spay surgery and the start of her official retirement!

Later today I’ll go in to pick her up and to conserve fuel I’ve scheduled a few more health check-ups. So these three amigos will be going in.

Winter, Summer and Indy.

And of course I wanted them fresh and clean before they went in for their exams. Last night I brushed them, cleaned ears, trimmed toenails and checked teeth. They all did good for their teeth brushing and a tiny bit of scaling to knock a bit of tartar off some teeth. I’m trying to stay on top of dental care especially with the young ones or those that have already had professional cleanings.

This morning they got bathed and a combo of blow dry and air dry.

And then there’s this girl! Waiting for our purebred Cavalier litter and of course she started getting a bit restless yesterday. And more restless today with some digging and nesting in her crate.

So I have a couple options for this afternoon’s appointment. I can let hubby take the girls in for their appointment and have him pick-up Gracie while I stay home with Glory. Or I’m thinking I may just take Glory with me in case she goes into labor. (The last thing hubby likes to do is deliver puppies!) Then if the vet staff has time, maybe get an extra of Glory just so we know how many puppies to expect. Hopefully, she’ll wait until we get back home to deliver the pups!



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