Yesterday continued

Well, if you read my “mayday” post on Facebook last night, you know I had to take Glory into the vet as her labor was not progressing as it should have.

So to continue where I left off on yesterday’s blog. (Scroll down if you didn’t read it).

I had debated on what to do with Glory when I headed into the vet yesterday afternoon to pick up Gracie from her spay and take Winter, Indy and Summer in for their annual exams.

Glory had been restless but wasn’t showing signs of contractions. It was more the pre-labor nesting in her bed. So I decided that it would be less stressful for her to just stay home. I gave hubby permission (*wink) to sit in the house and watch YouTube videos (that’s his way to study up on different subjects) so he could watch her instead of going outside to work and missing something.

So off I went with the three amigos for their checkups. (More on that later…) I got Gracie picked up and got back home just in time because hubby was nervous that she was getting ready to deliver.

Glory did start having some contractions. She’s very vocal so I can always tell when she’s having one. But they were just intermittent and then she would be quiet. But as the afternoon progressed and nothing appeared, I gave her a quick exam and (sorry for the details) would feel a puppy up in the birth canal. I let her outside to walk around and potty a couple times hoping things would get moving. She rested and labored and still nothing.

About an hour or so after the exam I checked her again. The baby had not moved. To me that indicated a stuck pup.

I called the vet around 7:00 pm to let her know our situation and she said she’d meet me at the clinic.

As I’ve mentioned before there are two ways out of here to get to town and the vet. Normally I would drive north, cross the bridge over the Columbia and stay on the main highway to the vet’s. But they are doing roadwork in the evenings and my SIL had been telling me earlier in the day about the delay and how they’d had to sit for thirty minutes waiting for the pilot car to take them through the construction zone.

So since I didn’t remember what time construction started and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in traffic for extended periods of time with a dog “emergency” I decided to go with plan B. Plan B is to drive the other direction into our little town and catch the ferry which takes us across the Columbia. Then it’s another forty minute drive up and over a windy mountain pass and hitting the connecting highway to the vet’s.

The problem, as I mentioned is it’s windy and hilly, not a comfortable drive for a pregnant dog in labor. And the farther we drove the more contractions she had. (I pulled over a couple of times to see if each last contraction produced a baby, but quickly saw nothing had changed). I felt so bad for her, but there was nothing I could do but get there as fast as I could. The only obstacles we had to worry about were deer diving into the road ahead of us since it was that time of night when they are out and about. I just kept praying that God to keep the deer back from the road. And He did!

We finally arrived and the vet and tech had things organized for surgery. She was tenderly prepped and taken into surgery. Thankfully, I have a great relationship with my veterinary team and am allowed to stay and watch. Plus they might need my hands to help dry puppies. Unfortunately, when the vet made the incisions and pulled out her uterus there was only one, large lump. One, large puppy was holding up the show. In fact, it was the whole show!

It was pulled out and handed to the tech who started suctioning and drying the puppy. After a bit of rubbing  we finally heard a  little cry. That is one of the best sounds in the world!

And then we turned the pup over to see what it was.

One, big, fat, gorgeous……….BOY!

I know I put my order in for a one or two girls, but God decided I needed a boy for some reason. (He graced me with three of those amazing male humans too!)

Okay, to be honest I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted a girl so bad from Glory. Especially since this was her last litter and she could give me different colors that Joy.

But I was also grateful for this strapping, beautiful boy and a mama that was going to be fine.

Glory was still really out of it but I was helping puppy to latch on for his first meal.

She’s finally more awake here. Can you see the puppy? The vet took this sweet picture. ❤️

We finally arrived home and got mom and baby tucked into their comfy bed about 11:30. This morning they are doing well and just resting and bonding. I have yet to weight the big boy but I’m guessing he’s about 10 ounces.

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  1. Paula says:

    Glad Glory is ok and that you have a healthy “big” boy👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Dee says:

    PTL all made it there safely and back home. That’s a real sweet pick of proud momma and her sweet, baby boy. 💝

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