Extra TLC

Glory’s little Murphy is needing a bit of extra pampering. After he was born, as I was holding him while mom woke up, he sounded a bit rattly. So the doc listened to him. His lungs sounded clear and she thought it was more nasally.

But the next morning his breathing was really noisy, so I reached out to her. But a bit later it wasn’t so much so. Just the same, she wanted to put him on antibiotics just in case he had aspirated some fluid at birth.

Fortunately, we had friends coming to visit that day and they graciously agreed to stop at the pharmacy on their way here to pick up the pup’s meds. Whew!

I’m also so thankful, that I made the investment of the Puppy Warmer Incubator and Oxygen Concentrator for out puppies. It was definitely an investment that has paid off!

The doctor wanted me to put him in it three times a day for 10-15 minutes each time. So he goes in the nice cozy incubator and I place the oxygen tube near his face and he naps for 15 minutes throughout the day. The only bad part is mama Glory does not like to be away from him.

He seems to be improving and thoroughly enjoying his naps in the warm box.



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  1. Your conscientious care and foresight in acquiring all the helpful equipment makes Pinewood Cavapoos the BEST environment for puppies to begin their lives. Trusting he will be stronger each day.

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