I’m late!

With all the hustle and bustle with Glory and her new pup and the company we had coming yesterday for lunch I failed to have time to get new pictures of Cami’s pups.

They turned seven weeks old yesterday! They enjoyed our youngest, adorable visitor who stood outside their garden play area but was more interested in the puppy toys and the fresh raspberries in the garden than the actually puppies. But her mommy oohed and aaahed over the little bundles of fluff!

And now for their official seven-week-old portraits! And let me tell you, if they’re not picture perfect it’s because these little jumping beans wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a good picture. They kept hopping out of the box!


5# 2 oz @ 7 weeks


5# @ 7 weeks


5# 4 oz @ 7 weeks


2# 11 oz @ 7 weeks


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