Cute girls

As I mentioned the other day, Winter, Summer and Indy went in for their check-ups. They are in-between professional grooms, but I’m “trying” to keep them brushed and clean to make it easier for the grooming. Plus they look so stinking cute when they are all clean and fluffy. It’s just a bit hard keeping dogs clean when you like in the country!

So since they were all fluffed up for their vet appointment I snapped a few pictures. Here they are in all their cuteness! Sorry  there will now be a picture overload of these girls.

Winter is a Cavapoo daughter of Sky and Dickens. She is 14lbs. love that face and her blue eyes!💙

I love her size❤️

Wild hair, we don’t care!

You can finally see her blenheim coloring now that she’s clean.

Summer is a purebred mini Poodle. She is the daughter of Sky and Clancy. (So Winter’s half sister through their mother). She is about 13 1/2 lbs.

Indy is a Cavapoo daughter of Lyric and Dickens. So she is a half sister to Winter through their dad. She is small like her mom and 10.6 lbs.

Another adorable Cavapoo face!

I love her merle coloring with splashes of gray and black mixed with her white parti coat.

And now for a potty break before we loaded up for the vet’s. I had the puppy area set up on the grass so that was the perfect spot to turn them all loose for a few minutes.

Dancing girl!

That Poodle face is a bit furry until her grooming appointment next month. But I still love the teddy bear look.

Little monkey!

I love her white chest patch!

All loaded up for our trip to town.

Waiting our turn in the exam room.

“What are you doing to me, doctor Jessie?”

Winter holding very still for her exam.

Checking those patellas. And music to my ears when the vet says, “Nice and tight. Perfect!”

They’re such sweet, happy girls! All done and ready to head home.

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  1. Christina says:

    Such beautiful mommas! 😍

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    Three absolute beauties.

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