Playing and learning

This is our last week with Cami’s pups. Can you believe it?!

We’re trying to cram in as much fun, training, learning, experiences as possible so they, like our other pups have a good foundation for their new families to build on.

Spending time with each puppy individually, getting them accustomed to being on their backs and handing theirs faces, ears, mouth, and feet so they are comfortable with those things.

Working on crate training, first eating together in a crate, then in pairs and now each in their own crate. They go in and start munching, I leave the room set the timer for 15 minutes then come back to let them out (if they’re quiet and settled. If not I wait until the do, then  they get to come out).

They go outside in the mornings after breakfast and play in the garden while I water, weed and pick what veggies and fruits are ready (not much yet).

Playing hard means naps in between 💤

Having a break with “Uncle Scruff”.

They play inside in the afternoon since it’s getting pretty hot out, either upstairs in the puppy room or in the kitchen.

We’re having lots of fun!


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