Now that summer is in full swing, it’s been nice to have the kiddie pool for the puppies to dip their toes in! They really seem to enjoy it, especially Joaquin and little Delta.

I have the slide’s stairs backed up to the edge and a little stool in the middle to make things easier, but most of the time they just scrambled over the sides to get in and out.

Every couple of days I have to refill it. And by “fill” I mean just a touch of water in the bottom for them to get their feet wet and play in. There is not enough water for them to get all the way in and get in trouble with.

After I filled it the other day, I set the spray nozzle on more of a mist setting and we “pretended” like it was raining. I know a lot of our puppies will end up in more rainy places than here so it’s nice they become accustomed to the wet stuff falling out of the sky on them. They actually seemed to enjoy it!


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  1. Dee says:

    Looks refreshing. 🍉

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