It’s almost time

We’re wrapping up the last few days with Cami’s California crew. Time flies!

They turned eight weeks old yesterday. They went to the vet along with mom for her annual physical. Didn’t hear a peep out of any of them for the long car ride.

I quickly let the receptionist know we had arrived, then went back out to the truck to let the pups have a potty break.

Watching the big trucks go by.

I stood outside with them for just a few minutes after I rounded them back up and put them in the crate, thinking they would call us in any minute. I had the side door open for Cami so she could get some air. When it appeared we had to wait a bit, I loaded the puppy crate back into the truck, hopped in, started the truck again and turned the a/c on full blast. It was around 100* yesterday! Too hot for my liking!

Finally it was our turn to go in and get settled in the exam room. When the vet came in, we did Cami’s exam first.

Getting her Rabies vaccination updated.

All done.

Then it was the puppies turn.

Joaquin went first.

Waiting their turn.

Then it was Delta’s turn

Smile, Delta!

It’s easier to hold a wiggly puppy to listen to their heart. Hold still, Sequoia.

And last but not least, Sierra.

Who prompted covered the vet in kisses!

All done! Normally I would load the dogs up, then come back inside to pay my bill. With the extra hot day, the dogs and I waited in the exam room while they got the paperwork and charges ready. Then I paid and left with the dogs.

When we arrived home, the pups had a potty break outside, then we headed back in to the air conditioning and more comfortable conditions!

Oh, and her are their eight-week-old pictures!






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  1. Janey Koester says:

    Looking forward to meeting Sierra/Copper in a few days!

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