Extra special pupdate

We love getting updates (aka pupdates) on our Pinewood pups. I love hearing how our families are doing with their pups and later, adult dogs.

Sometimes one comes through that’s extra special (not that any of them are less important!).

This pup, formally known as Apricot (it was a “orangey fruit” litter since all the pups were apricot) from Amber and Justice. The litter will be three this October. This is also the litter that Sally came from (Sally is one of our newest moms that just had pups go home in June; Bluff, Dupe, Ruse and Spoof).

Here’s the note from Hank’s mom….


Thought you might be interested in seeing what one of your puppies is now doing.


Hank is now a certified therapy dog.  Jim is in the process of getting him certified as a courtroom therapy dog for children when they have to testify.  We love Hank and he has certainly proven himself to be worthy of being called a Pinewood Cavapoo.  You do such an excellent job with breeding and developing these puppies.  Thanks for enriching our lives with Hank!”

Well if that didn’t make my day and make my eyes water a bit! <3

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  1. For some reason the video wouldn’t play for me—I’m so curious if Tom and Hank are a registered team with Pet Partners. If so, that is the organization I have been affiliated with for over 30 years. My 2 Cavapoos, Karisto & Philia, and I worked in the hospitals for 12 years. I chose this breed specifically because they are PERFECT for therapy work. Go to http://www.petpartners.org to learn more. I’m happy to talk with any other Pinewood Cavapoo families about my experiences.

  2. Sorry I meant Jim!

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