Pregnancy updates

I mentioned earlier in the month that we had confirmed two pregnancies. One was Lyric/Asher with F1 Cavapoos due the first part of August. The second one was Sage/Clancy with F1b Cavapoos due the second week of August.

Unfortunately, Lyric does not look pregnant at all. So I either need to improve my ultrasound skills or she reabsorbed the litter (which happens occasionally). Time will tell. Maybe there is one or two hiding in there, but I really doubt it.

On the other hand, Sage was showing like a week after we did the ultrasound! There are definitely a bunch of babies in there! She and Clancy have produced apricot, red, black and merle puppies together.

And luckily I bred Amber even though she came in about a week after Sage and Lyric. Just in case Lyric didn’t take, Amber would give us some F1 Cavapoos. So we’ll have something for everyone; F1b Cavapoos and F1 Cavapoos in August.

Amber is due about a week after Sage. And Amber was bred to Niko. This will be Niko first litter he has sired so it will be exciting to see what they produce together, but likely shades of apricot. And Amber already has a nice round belly too.

So we’ll have a week or so of quiet after Cami’s puppies leave today, until the F1b Cavapoos arrived!


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  1. DON& LAURA WILSON says:

    Can’t wait to see the F1 cavapoos!!

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