And just like that..

Off they go to their new lives and their loving, forever families!

It’s amazing how two months can go by so quickly and how much change it brings to a litter of puppies.

People always ask if it’s hard to say good-bye to the puppies, and if you’ve followed this blog long enough you know it’s one of the happiest days for me. I love handing over cute, sweet puppies to their new families who (mostly) have been waiting months or more for that special pup! The happiness and big smiles (and sometimes) happy tears can’t be beat!

The final preparations of puppy bags are done and loaded in the car Friday (if at all possible). Then we just wait until Saturday night to give each puppy their bath and tuck them in for the night.

Sunday morning, I’m up about 5:00 am to give the pups and early breakfast. I want to give it time to settle in the tummy before we hit the road around 7:30ish.

One last potty break before we load into the truck for the long drive.

Then they’re loaded into the crate in the truck.

Precious cargo tucked into the back seat!

We arrived safely. Then it was time for another potty break in the back of the truck with the litter box. Having a truck has worked so well for transporting puppies. The bed acts as a play yard with plenty of room for the pups to stretch their legs and use the litter box.

Then they went back into their crate in their truck to have some “brunch” while I went over my puppy presentation with the new puppy families.

It was already warm at 10:30 am so the pups enjoyed the air conditioning while the humans huddled under a nearby tree in some shade.

There is a method to my madness. I don’t hand out puppies until I’ve gone over all the paperwork and instructions because I know once the puppies come out the owners will be so distracted by all the cuteness that they won’t hear a word I say!

Delta now Jojo

Sequoia now Bagel

Joaquin now Graham

Sierra now Copper.

So many smiles and happy humans and puppies! I love puppy delivery day!

Then we gave puppies another chance to potty and get the wiggles out before they headed home with their families.

And so the pups were well on their way to cooler temps before the afternoon heat became unbearable. Although it did make running errands and shopping a bit miserable. 😛



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