Cavalier puppy, puppies and adults

So our little singleton Cavalier boy has turned two weeks old today. Thankfully he is fat and healthy despite his emergency birth story. Of course at this point in his life he just sleeps, eats and snuggles with mama, Glory.

So much cuteness!

Look at that little chubby body💙

But his eyes are opening and he’s starting to look like a puppy more instead of a baby gopher. 😉

And since I was hoping for a girl from Glory and got this handsome boy, my plan is to breed sister Joy another time in hopes we get more girls to hang onto. This really is the end of an era with all the Cavalier sisters retiring.

At this point, I haven’t decided yet if I “need” to keep this boy. So for those of you that were interested in a purebred Cavalier, I will keep you posted on they guy and also know that we hope to have another Cavalier litter this year still.

Also, for those who have reached out about retiring Cavalier girls, Gracie is done recuperating from her spay and we just need to get her matched with a retirement “family”.

Glory was spayed at there C-section and she will be ready for a retirement home once her boy is weaned.

So if you were one of those people that reached out with interest in a retired Cavalier, please check back in with me so I know who is seriously interested. Thanks!

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  1. Denise says:

    I am interested. I would love either male or female.

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