Another pupdate

Since all of our current pups are still so young, I’m searching for things to share with you all. So I’m going back through some emails for more pupdates! I hope you love the pup-updates as much as I do!

“Oh Jennifer, I have enjoyed so much following your adventures over the 4+ years since I got Molly, formerly pansy of Noah and flower.
Consider this a pup date, small Cavapoo’s are fabulous. Molly topped out at 10.4 pounds. She was 3 pounds when I got her. She is posed here in front of the flamingos at the Marriott in Palm Desert; she travels very well.

Thanks again for raising my Molly for me.”

If anyone has sent me an update that I didn’t share, could you please send me a reminder email so I can share you pupdate?

Or if you’d like to share an update of your Pinewood pup or dog with a picture or two please email me!


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