A country song

There’s a country song sung by Brad Paisley called “Waiting On A Woman”. A young man sits down near an older gentleman at the mall (likely waiting for their wives) and the elder starts talking about “waiting on a woman” but how each time it was worth the wait.

Well, I’m waiting on a (dog) “woman” ….hehe

This girl (Amber) is due anytime. She’s patiently getting her temperature taken twice a day. And today is getting her pre-delivery beauty treatment. The picture was obviously taken this morning before her bath and groom. I’ll cut her hair short for easy maintenance and to keep her cooler when she had a bunch of babies snuggled against here.

And I’m sure the wait will be worth it in this situation too. This will be the first litter for our young, handsome Niko. I’m excited to see what these two will produce together. Between his vibrant red coat and her soft apricot we should see beautiful shades like either one or in between. These are F1 Cavapoos.

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4 Responses to A country song

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I just gave Toby a bath after a beach walk-I’m amazed at how little hair shows up in the drain- the size of a dime! Same with my 1st & 2nd cavapoos. No comparison to a Golden we had who shed gobs when he was bathed. Just another fantastic attribute of the cavapoo breed!

  2. Kimberly Sun says:

    Are you currently accepting applications ?

    • Not at this time. But please sign up for email notifications from the blog. We’ve occasionally had available puppies that were not matched with anyone on our list. If that happens we’ll announce it on the blog. Thanks so much!

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