Well, guess what? We have a another dog confirmed  dog! Yep, another one. I told you this summer/fall was going to be crazy, busy!

Thankfully, by the time this litter is born, Glory and Sage’s pup will be old enough that they will be upstairs occupying the puppy room. Whew! That will make things a bit easier.

And when Sage’s pups and Glory’s pup are in the very busy stage of play, learn, potty training, socializing etc, the new litter will still be in the “easy to take care of” stage. The really busy stage comes about the time they move upstairs. So thankful even though we’ll have a lot of pups here at one time, they are spaced out enough to make it more manageable!

And who is expecting? It’s our beautiful cream parti, blue-eyed mini Poodle Sky! She has had some gorgeous blenheim puppies in the past because she was bred to our blenheim Cavalier Dickens. (I have a blog post coming soon about those past cuties!) But this time I decided to try our “new” guy, Niko. Why? Because we could get not only parti-colors (which body with red/apricot spots otherwise called Blenheim in the Cavalier breed) but we could be solid red or apricot with white on the chest, feet, faces (sometimes call mismarked or abstract in the Poodle world). Whatever color they come out I’m sure they’ll be stunning! (These will be F1 Cavapoos since mom is purebred Poodle and dad is a purebred Cavalier).


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