You guys know I tell you just about everything; good and bad. I’m pretty transparent as I want my dog families to know about their pups, how we raise them, the parent dogs and what goes on around here.

So I wanted to share openly about one of Sage’s puppies. I’ve waiting to share because we’ve been busy with just caring for the moms and pups here. And I wanted to get my vet’s opinion.

One of Sage’s pups was born with a small (what looked like) fluid filled “bubble” on it’s head. By the end of the day it didn’t look clear fluid-filled but had gotten a bit more flesh-colored and not transparent anymore.

I shared pictures with my breeder friends and my vet. My breeder friends didn’t sound to hopeful. One said her vet said those “puppies don’t make it”.

I checked her over for any other differences and didn’t see any. And this past week I was able to take her in to my vet for a thorough exam and get her opinion.

The two things we discussed were spina bifida and hydrocephaly. Although she really doesn’t have symptoms of either.

Spina Bifida is when the spine and spinal cord don’t develop properly but it’s usually lower on the back. Hydrocephaly usually gives the head a very dome-like appearance because of the extra fluid in the skull.

But the vet found nothing abnormal except her small “cyst-like” bump. She has no spinal deformities and her head is normal shape and size. The doctor gently checked the bump, the surrounding area at the skull and there was no opening in the skull at the bump. It’s in a different area then where the fontanelle (or soft spot) is in a baby (human or canine).The pup has no cleft palate. She is acting normal, crawling, nursing and gaining weight.

So at this point we don’t know what it is or if it will have any affect on her. We are just going to watch her growth and development and see how things go.

But if there are any vets out there that have seen something like this before or have any ideas please shoot me an email (instead of commenting on the blog; pinewoodcavapoos@gmail.com)


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