Pupdate times four!

How amazing to get an update from not one, not two, but three puppy parents together! This was sent quite a while ago and I must’ve failed to post it! My bad! I marked these in my emails, but then as more emails come in they get bumped down the email list and I forget them. *sigh

These are Winter’s littermates and it was a celebratory one year birthday update.  (Like I said, I’m late!)

Such fun pictures and updates!

Hi Jennifer, the three of us wanted to provide you with a pupdate for Winters’ litter mates- Lexi, Nellie and Dash. Happy 1st birthday to all 4 of them!!

Lexi (aka Caramel)

Lexi has been a wonderful addition to our family of four. She is the best friend to our 8 and 11 year old kids, and hates to be too separated from any of us. She’s extremely food motivated which has made training fairly easy (such a cute handshaker) but we have to make sure we never leave any trace of food around or it will be gone. The second smallest in the litter, she now weighs 17 pounds. An energetic little pup, she loves to run, dig, share squirrels/rabbits/birds, pounce on branches, and play with other dogs. She’s well traveled, handling long road trips and flights with ease, enjoying east coast beaches and meeting our extended families’ pets. She enjoys trips around town and looks forward to daily school drop off and pick up routine. As soon as she sees us heading to the front door she jumps up and waits, tail thumping in excitement. When she tuckers out, she loves to cuddle with us and has the cutest, loudest sigh of contentment.

We really couldn’t imagine our family without her and sincerely appreciate all you do to raise, nurture and train these amazingly sweet fur babies.


Dash (aka Nougat)

Dash turned 1 today and we just love him. He brings us so much joy and cracks us up with his silly antics.

He loves to snuggle and give kisses but is also always up for any activity. Some of his favorites include going on runs, car rides, weekend trips, playing with other dogs, trying to engage the cats, and fetch – he can and will play fetch for hours. He fetches his favorite toy then brings it to us for a tug session. He growls like crazy but is so gentle.

He is a very smart athletic boy who loves to chase squirrels (we named him well) and play in the back yard (see the dirty dog photo!) He is quick to learn and knows lots of commands but sometimes chooses to ignore us, especially if a squirrel (or the remote possibility of a squirrel) is in the picture.

And he is so enthusiastic about everything. He has never met a dog or person he doesn’t like (we are still working on proper greetings!) When we come home he is beside himself with happiness and when we get ready for a car ride he is just thrilled. His happiness is contagious and we love it and him to pieces. You can’t be in a bad mood with Dash around!

It has been such a joy staying in touch with his siblings Lexi and Nellie’s families (sharing the joys and the challenges) and seeing what Winter is up to on your website. Thank you Jennifer for raising such sweet wonderful pups.

Ps: He was the smallest in the litter and now weighs 14.5 pounds


Nellie (fka Butterscotch)

Nellie is the most protective dog ever – even from Amazon, UPS and neighbors. Knows when she is needed and won’t leave my side. Learned all kinds of stuff from her big sissy-most not good but proves she can be a big dog too and there is no toy or bone she can’t destroy.

As she is currently laying by my side – I can’t even imagine making it thru last year without my best friend!


These are all littermates to our sweet, sassy, playful, gorgeous Winter. Winter is now (at close to 20ish months, 13″ tall and a bit over 14 lbs)

It was so fun getting this update and I’m kicking myself I didn’t share it sooner! Hope you all enjoyed seeing how this litter is doing!


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