Starting out right

Starting puppies out right with potty training/aka litter box training starts young. Normally I would introduce a litter to the UGOdog litter box system at around 3-3 1/2 weeks when they are moved from their big whelping crate to the small puppy pen.

The UGO dog litter box is a commercial litter box made for dogs that consists of a low tray with two plastic grates on top. This is what I used to introduce young puppies to a potty system. This works great because around this age the puppies start to crawl/toddle off of their sleeping area (bed) to relieve themselves. The UGO dog is about the same height as the bed so it’s easy for them to move from one item to the other and back again.

And the nice thing about the UGO dog in the puppy pen is that it takes up about half of the pen and the bed takes up the other half. This makes it super simple for pups to know where to sleep and where to “go”.

I only use the UGO dog for about a week to a week and a half then we switch to our normal litter box which is a big plastic container (with the side cut down to start with) with a layer of wood pellets on the bottom. This is much easier to clean once the puppies start pooping and peeing more.

Sage’s pups have had the litter box in their puppy pen for a few days now and they are doing amazing with their toilet habits.

When I have this many puppies using one litter box, I sometimes add a little baking soda and drops of lavender oil to the tray.

Then I put the grates back on and place the litter box back in the puppy pen. This helps to control bathroom odors in between cleaning.

Look at this smart guy! He knows just what to do and where to go!


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