Fun and food!

Little Murphy is still having a blast just running around and interacting with his mom, Glory. They’re a great team.

And Sage’s babies are sure diving into their puppy food. At this point, I soak mom’s food in case they dig into her bowl. But they really don’t have any teeth yet so three times a day they get a big bowl of very mushy canned puppy food mixed with goat’s milk.

As you can see some of them really get into the food (in more ways that one!) (And in case anyone is worried about the puppies living on a grate floor, they usually have a big bed that covers half of that floor and the other half is the litter box. I took them both out to clean before I fed the pups.)

And Amber’s babies are still very content to snuggle and nurse from mom so they aren’t doing to much else at this point.


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  1. Ann says:

    One way to get all of Sage’s pups in one picture.

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