Growing up!

Sage’s big batch of babies are four weeks old today!

They are getting so cute with their bright eyes and playfulness. They love wrestling and biting (or should I say “mouthing”) each other since there are not a lot of teeth present yet. They love slurping and smacking on their goat’s milk/puppy food bowl of mush. But still very happy to nurse off of mom when she comes back to them from her breaks. And mom is very happy to snuggle with them and let them crawl over her when the mood hits them.

Here they are at four weeks! Wagonloads of cuteness <3


2# 5 oz


Partial blue eyes💙

2# 14 oz


2# 4 oz


2# 3 oz


Partial blue eyes💙

2# 8 oz


2# 5 oz


Majority of both eyes are blue💙

2# 11 oz


Mostly blue both eyes. You can see some brown in right eye. 💙

2# 10 oz


2# 6 oz


2# 9 oz

The next month is when things will get super, busy with this batch as they start to explore, climb, play and venture out more learning all about the big world around them.

As a reminder, if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being possibly matching with one of Sage’s F1b Cavapoo puppies one week from this Sunday (September 11th) please email me before Friday, September 9th at noon).

I will post a current list next week as they are in order from the main Cavapoo waiting list.

If you are not on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested in a puppy from this litter, please follow the blog. If we have any puppies that are not matched with families from our list, I will make an announcement on Sunday, September 11th and let people know. I will not be taking any new applications until that time. Thanks so much for your interest!

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  1. Ann says:

    Beautiful and gaining weight

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