Single and ready to mingle

Just kidding! He’s not going anywhere soon, but I had to think of a title for the blog post so just ran with it! Ha!

Glory’s boy (I know I have called him Murphy but trying to think of a more permanent name) is seven weeks old today.

Usually puppies are completely off mom by this age, but since he has no other pups his age and mom is his best buddy, I’m letting them hang out together a bit longer. They have breaks away from each other during the day and he’s learning that puppy food is his main meal. But he stills loves mom the best!

But we’re working on him becoming my gardening assistant. 😉

I’m coming mom!

Playing hide and seek

I’m a bumblebee! See the pollen in my face?



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6 Responses to Single and ready to mingle

  1. Kristi says:

    I thought his name was Handsome….I loved that as his name!!

  2. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Gorgeous puppy and abundant garden – wonderful!

  3. Ann says:

    He is so spoiled with all his new adventures. Can you imagine all of Sage’s puppies running (ruining) through your garden. Love him and his pictures

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