The big bunch!

These guys are so fun to watch as they interact and start to play and explore. The next few weeks will be busy and interesting as they grow, learn and develop. Sage takes breaks during the day, but it’s hard to keep her away for too long. We had a nice play session this morning right before lunch.

They were a bit tentative after I plopped them on the floor, but pretty soon they warmed up and were all over the pen exploring and playing. I did not set up the ramp yet as they are still too young and too little. That would be a ways to fall if they went off the side of the ramp even with Snuggles the Snake to break the fall. We’ll introduce the ramp at a later date. For now they just had a space to play in front of their pen with a couple litter boxes. And they did really well using them. There were only a couple times someone started to potty in the wrong spot and I quickly scooped them up and placed them in a litter box.

Lunch is served!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to go back after taking pictures and identify which puppy is which without seeing a collar or some identifying mark if they are the same color. But I’m trying to get lots of videos (they will be posted on our YouTube channel “Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”). I name the puppies on each video so you can follow along and see who’s who as they play and interact. If you are on the list to possibly get matched with one of these puppies please look over the pictures and watch the videos before puppy matching day. I will try to post more between now and then too.

As a reminder, Puppy matching day is this Sunday! These are Sage and Clancy’s F1b Cavapoo puppies. They will be going home on Sunday, October 2nd. We will match them with families that are already on our waiting list, but if we have pups that are not matched, we will make an announcement on Sunday on the blog and open our applications up again just to match the “leftover” puppy/puppies.

For those who have reached out and asked to be added to this litter’s list, here is the list in the order as they are on the main Cavapoo waiting list and how we will be matching/calling. Please remember that those on the main waiting list still have until Friday at noon to reach out and be added so the list can change (but I doubt very many more people from the waiting list will reach out).

  • Mary S
  • Katharine H
  • Nicole E
  • Krystal S
  • Stephanie D
  • Becca W
  • Jean B
  • Bridget Wo
  • Bridgett Wa

If you are on this litter’s list and want me to contact you, please make sure I have your correct phone number and that your voice mail is not full. Also,  since the list closes at noon on Friday, I will start reaching out to the top few people on Friday afternoon. I may also send out some emails to let you know you’re next in line for a phone call. I will take my Saturday rest day off, but will check and possibly send out more emails Saturday night. With this many puppies it’s nice to get a head start and not be on the phone all day Sunday.

As I mentioned please watch the videos, look at pictures and pick out your favorite/favorites (in case your favorite was picked ) and discuss things with your family ahead of my phone call. This will make things run more smoothly for puppy matching. If you have questions ahead of time, please feel free to email me at Please do not respond with your questions on the blog post itself.

Thanks so much!

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