Soon, very soon!

Sage’s pups are five weeks old today. The list is closed now and we will start reaching out this afternoon with the matching process. Sunday is technically the litter’s puppy matching day, but since we close the list at noon on Friday I like to go ahead and reach out to the first people and see if we can’t get a pup or two matched before Sunday. Otherwise, I spend most of the day on the phone matching puppies. This is a nice way of spreading out the process over the weekend.

As I mentioned before, if you are not on our waiting list (which is currently closed) and possibly interested in a puppy IF have any puppies that are not matched with families on our waiting list, I will share that later on Sunday with information how to apply on our blog.

Here are their current five-week-old pictures and weights and simple observations of what I’ve seen so far but this will change some as they mature and we see more of their personalities emerge.

“Tortilla”~apricot male w/brown collar (curly) outgoing, playful

2# 15 oz @ 5 weeks

“Matzah”~merle male (with partial eyes) w/gold collar (wavy)  playful, sort of middle

3# 11oz @ 5 weeks

“Muffin”~apricot female w/white collar (wavy) she is the one with the little cyst-like thing on her head and seems to be one of the more quiet, mellow pups

2# 12 oz @ 5 weeks

“Baguette”~apricot female w/pink collar (wavy) more mellow pup but playful

2# 9 oz @ 5 weeks

“Biscuit”~apricot female (partial blue eye) w/yellow collar (slight wave), playful, more middle of the pack

2# 14 oz @ 5 weeks

“Bagel”~black male w/green collar (wavy) middle of the pack personality

3# 2 oz @ 5 weeks

“Potato”~merle male (mostly all blue eyes) w/blue collar (wavy), probably most mellow, quietest

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks

“Scone”~merle female (mostly blue eyes) w/purple collar (wavy/curly?) pretty playful but probably middle of the pack

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks

“Pita”~apricot male w/red collar (some wave) outgoing, confident )P.S. Pita loves to eat!

2# 15 oz @ 5 weeks

“Sourdough”~apricot male w/gray collar (slight wave), middle of the pack

3# 6 oz @ 5 weeks


Just some information on personalities, at this age we will usually see one or two pups that are the first ones out the door, most playful, adventurous, bold, then there will be one or two who are at the other end of the spectrum; more cautious, quieter, more mellow personality and then the rest fall into more middle of the road between those two descriptions. But as they grow, develop and gain more confidence, by seven to eight weeks we will not see as much of a difference between all the puppy personalities. They all become very playful, silly and pretty confident.




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    Awesome, photogenic puppies. Love them all

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