Update on the wee one

I know some of you may be wondering how our little one from Sky’s new litter is doing. She’s still hanging in there. She’s a little fighter!

Most of the time when I check on her she’s snuggled up to mom and not eating. So I’m still supplementing her round the clock to make sure she gets enough groceries.

Thursday I had to run to town for some groceries since we were running low on fresh food.  I had my daughter-in-law keeping an eye on the pup while I was gone. I fed the pup and then hit the road as I had four hours until the puppy’s next meal. I’m pretty proud of myself,(although  I was thirty minutes overtime getting back and it’s a 45 minute drive each way) but I still managed to make seven stops (groceries, feed stores, etc) 😜. And while Millie was checking on the puppy she caught her nursing a couple times. Happy day!

Friday morning when I got up for the pup’s early feeding,  I found her nursing also. So I’m glad to see she is latching onto mom and eating some. But she’s still not gaining like the others. So we will continue to supplement her. Hopefully she’ll gain weight and strength so mom can take over the feedings completely.

This evening’s weight after dinner was a whooping 4.8 ounces, up from her birth weight of 3.6 ounces. Not a lot but at least she’s gaining!


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