Puppy fun!

Sage’s puppies are sure getting adventurous and having so much fun in their play area. They climb on things, play with toys and have fun playing with each other. I haven’t yet introduced them to the ramp but I will soon.

And since the Cavalier puppy has moved downstairs I moved them into his pen upstairs which is at the far end of the room. This makes it easy to set up a play area with the ramp off of their puppy pen. And eventually when they are weaned off mama Sage, I will split them into two of the puppy pens. As they get bigger and more active, they need more room. The puppy pens are for napping and nighttime but they will still play together and eventually it will be a  big play area in front of both pens.

But when they are young and starting out, I keep the play area smaller and add lots of litter boxes. We want them to have the best chance of being neat and knowing where to relieve themselves. As they get more trustworthy than the play area expands.


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