Another batch to match!

It’s almost time! We are matching Amber’s pups this weekend. In fact, the list closed today at noon so here are the names in the order I will be contacting them. Please if you are one of the top ones, I may try to get ahold of you today.

  • Jenna M
  • Nicole F
  • Becca H
  • Jean B
  • Melissa S

I know we have only four puppies and five names, but there is still a chance we will have a leftover puppy if more than one person wants the same one. If we do, once again, I will post about it on Sunday on our blog for anyone that is not on our list and interested in a F1 Cavapoo puppy.

They are all adorable and I would have a hard time choosing one myself! They are still not really adventurous. In fact, this morning when I wanted to take some more pictures, they just hunkered down on the blanket and didn’t do much. But they were still cute 😉 It’s just the age and stage they are at.


Sabrina“Can you play with me?”



Jill(L to R; Kelly, Sabrina, Jill & Charlie)

But they did graduate upstairs with their mom. They have been using their litter box really well and since they woke me up this morning around 4:30 to play I decided to move them upstairs. They can play that early in the morning and not disturb the sleeping humans, they have a bigger area, two litter boxes and the first crate to start sleeping in. And they have lots of neighbors to converse with (in doggy language) since Sage and her babies are right next door!

Jill is practice old fashion grape stomping with puppy food. 😂



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