And now for Charlie’s Angels

Amber’s pups aka Charlie’s Angels turned five weeks old yesterday. They are all matched with their new families now too. Mom is slowly weaning them and spending less time with them, although she still spends time with them each day and snuggles with them at night. They are enjoying their puppy food although still prefer to nurse if they get the chance.

They have playtimes, but actually are still more comfortable playing amongst themselves in their puppy pen, over playing in their play area. But each day they will get a bit more adventurous and playful.

They got their toenails trimmed, weights done and collars changed yesterday along with new pictures. I didn’t have a purple collar for Sabrina so her’s is blue now. Everyone else has the same color collar that coordinated with their previous ribbons.

Jill (yellow collar)

3# 8 oz

Kelly (pink collar)

3# 4 oz

Sabrina (purple, now blue collar)

3# 4 oz

Charlie (gray collar)

3# 12 oz


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