Growing and gaining

Sky’s babies turned two weeks old yesterday. They are growing and gaining, even the wee one. She is gaining better without my intervention than she did when I was supplementing her. But she’s still much smaller than her siblings. The apricot girl and the big boy are now the same weight; 1# 10 ounces. The smaller apricot boy with the blaze is 1# 5 oz and our wee blenheim is now a whooping 9.0 ounces! She’s a tough cookie!

And it was really hard to get pictures. At this age when you wake babies up and place them on a soft blanket, they root around thinking that softness must be mom and there must be food somewhere! So despite the many times I tried to line them up for a group photo, someone always moved.

But the pictures are cute anyways!


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6 Responses to Growing and gaining

  1. Vicki says:

    So happy the wee blenheim is thriving.

  2. Dianne Hurley Murray says:

    So glad to see the little one is improving. Very cute.🥰

  3. Esther Herst says:

    We were so fortunate to be at the farm to pick up retiree Glory and have the chance to hold these darling little ones and wow, the littlest one is super little but adorable!

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