Garden party

It’s definitely starting to feel like fall with our cooler morning and evenings. So when we had a warm afternoon I loaded Sage’s pups up into the laundry basket, lugged it down the stairs, placed them into the wagon and wheeled them out to the garden for their first big, outdoor adventure.

They were very tentative at first and just stayed where I had placed them on the ground, unsure of where they were or what was going on. But it didn’t take but a couple minutes for them to start spreading out and exploring this big, new and different place with all it’s unique sights, sounds and smells.

Only Potato stayed put for a while longer. He’s the most cautious of the bunch and just takes a wee bit longer to warm up to new things. After I unloaded the pups from the basket, I placed the basket on its side with the bed laid out in case anyone wanted to nap. I deposited Potato on the bed so he would feel more secure and just let him watch the goings on and join in at his own pace.

So he was exploring and play with his litter mates.



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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    How fun for me to see close ups of Bagel!
    I’m sitting in the waiting room- the dr. just came & told me that the surgery went really well. Seeing all of Sage’s puppies outside enjoying new scents & spaces is the RX i needed. Thank you!

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