Busy bodies!

Can you believe Sage’s puppies are seven weeks old already?! How did that happen? I can’t believe our time with them is dwindling down so fast. They have been a fun, happy group. I’m sure their new families will have so much fun with the sweet, lively, cuddly little bundles.

So we’ve been working on crate training, right now with two pups per crate. By the time they go home, they should be hanging out individually in a crate. Good thing I have lots of crates!

And I don’t always put them with the same partner for each meal.

And I’ve split them into two groups in different puppy pens to start the separation process. And I mix them up so they’re not always with the same group.

Trying to give each puppy individual time away from their littermates will also help them with the separation coming up.

They are having fun playing in the garden and of course playing on all the toys in the puppy room!

little loves ❤️

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