Like a family reunion

Sage’s puppy delivery day was a big undertaking, but it went off smoothly and was actually super special. Five of the ten families were there to pick up their second Pinewood puppy!!

It was so good getting to see their faces again and hearing how the first, now-grown pups were doing within the family. A couple of the families were even able to bring their grown Pinewood dogs with them so that made the day extra-special! It was so good to see them all grown up and so happy!

It was a beautiful morning to start with.

I got there early so the pups could all get out of their crates and have a potty break

Then they went back in their crates in the truck with food and water while I got ready to meet their families.

We went over all the puppy paperwork, instructions, answered questions etc, then it was time to hand over these darlings to their new families! The best part of my “job”. <3

Potato with his family and big sister Klinger. (Klinger was from our *MASH litter a few years ago. Parents are Faith & Sundae)

Tortilla, now Max was the second Pinewood Pup for his family. Waiting at home for him is Tucker, formally Michael from “The Office” litter.

Sweet Muffin, now know as Willow being cuddled by her happy new “mom”.

Pita, now Charlie with his happy new family!

Matzah, now Kobe had a big surprise at home with some very surprised children who didn’t know about him! <3

Scone (new name undecided) has three new “sisters” who immediately fell in love with her. (Children’s faces hidden for privacy)

Biscuit, (name to be decided) will be joining big “brother” Babu at home. Babu was Tinsel from a Reba & Dickens litter several years ago.

Bagel, (name to be determined) with his grateful family is also a second Pinewood pup. Brother Toby, formerly Blue from the “cheese” litter almost three years ago. (Parents; Treasure and Clancy).

Baguette, now Aspen is joining big sister, Lily another Pinewood pup. Lily was Jennette from the aunts/uncles litter from Sage and Clancy two years ago. So these girls are full sisters!

Sourdough, now Apollo with his happy new family!

It was a great day for sure! Happy life, puppies!❤️

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  1. Vicki says:

    Yes, it really was a very happy day for puppies and humans. I look like I might have been crying in my pic with “Willow” formerly Muffin. If I was they were definitely happy tears.

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