Our youngest group

Sky’s pups are now four weeks old and getting cuter by the minute! They are enjoying their puppy pen, using their UGOdog litter box, love snuggling with mom and starting to get a bit more playful and interactive.

Our little blenheim girl is finally over a pound too! Happy day! She’s cute as a button!

“Shane” (female apricot)

2# 11 oz

“Oliver” (male apricot)

2# 15 oz

“Rita (blenheim female)

1# 6.8 oz

“Norman (apricot male w/blaze)

2# 5 oz

Oh, and it looks like Shane, Rita and Norman will all have some blue in one or both eyes. I believe Oliver’s will be kind of brownish/hazel colored.

And if they look a bit wet, well they were. Nothing like crawling through the water dish right before it was time for pictures!


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  1. Vicki says:

    Rita is looking really good, her special hairstyle with the distinctive middle part suits her. Gaining weight is such good news.

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