Another busy day

Yesterday was our day to visit the vet again, and not only for Amber’s pups, but Amber had her check-up too. And Auntie Hope went along also (more on that later).

But before we heading out in the afternoon, I made sure they had time to play and get some wiggles out since I knew they’d be in crates for most of the afternoon.

I introduced them to Dalton the Storytelling Dragon. It’s a cute toy that moves back and forth and reads stories. They watched Dalton from the other side of the exercise pen, but when I put him in the pen the puppies prompts attacked poor Dalton…lol!

They were perfect on the car ride there, then we had a quick potty break before being called in for our turn with the doctor.

Loaded back in the crate after their break and waiting to be called inside the office.

Snuggling Jill while we waited for the vet.

Now it’s time for exams.

Jill was first

Then it was Kelly’s turn.

Next was Sabrina.

And last was Mr. Charlie.

After that mama Amber had her check-up. She’s going in to be spayed next week and have her teeth cleaned. Once she heals up, we’ll be looking for a suitable retirement home for this sweet girl.

Then the doctor had a look at Auntie Hope

Puppies had time for another potty break while our paperwork was wrapped up and I paid the bill. Then they were tucked back into their crate with food and water since it was dinnertime.

Once we got home, I let them out into the garden for another potty break while I uploaded the truck.

Then they came inside to have some playtime before bed to stretch those wiggly, puppy legs!



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  1. Vicki says:

    Take a deep breath Jennifer, I was exhausted just reading about your long day.

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