Well, while I’m away today delivering and meeting Amber’s puppies’ families, I thought I’d ride you over with some cuteness from Sky!

Sky’s babies are starting to get more outgoing and adventurous. I’ve found over the years, that Cavapoos go through a phase between about 3-4 weeks were they are kind of “fearful”. Maybe it’s the first of a few fear periods that puppies normally do go through, maybe it’s a developmental stage but it’s a phenomenon that does happen which pretty much ever litter. Thankfully once they pass that they get happy, playful and just adorable to watch. We’re there now!

And now the fun really begins!

Sweet Sky being a great mama. So nice that she passes some of those beautiful blue eyes onto some of her babies!💙

Do you see little Rita getting her fair share?

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  1. Diana says:

    I love this litter—but then again I am partial. I can see Marigold’s face in Sky. And that little Rita—I just love her to death.

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