Another fun day!

Well, Sunday was another fun and successful puppy delivery day. Charlie and his angels went home!

The puppies and I were up early to give them time for breakfast. I sneaked back into bed while they ate to catch a bit more sleep. Then it was time to get up and get ready, let the adults out for a potty break, take care of Sky and everyone else. By then, of course the pups were past finished with breakfast so I gave them the opportunity for a bit of playtime to stretch their legs because I knew they all had a big day ahead with lots of crate time and travel.

Finally the pups were loaded up and we hit the road. They were great little travelers and I hardly knew they were in the back seat.

Once we arrived, we had plenty of time, so they got a potty break in the back of my truck. The covered pick-up bed makes a great place to store a litter box and there’s plenty of room for puppies to stretch their legs.

Then they went back into their crates with food and water while I got things ready for their families. Everyone arrived and we got started going through the items in their puppy bags, and all the paperwork and handouts in their folders. I answered some questions and then the best part came when I got to introduce each puppy to its new family!

Jill, now Lola

Sabrina, now Florence

Charlie who is keeping his name.

And Kelly yet to be named.

We even got a group picture! (Wish I had done that with Sage’s litter!)

It was fun meeting everyone and as always, a happy day for bringing some puppy cuteness to some new families.

Then I got to go have fun with a special someone 😉

Lunch and some antiquing!

Then it was one the road again heading home. And as always it was a pretty drive.

Happy life, puppies!


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