Hope had an accident

And I don’t mean an “accident” on the floor 😉 She took a tumble.

Let me explain…

Hope sleeps upstairs in the puppy room because she tends to “talk” after her dinner is gone. I’m pretty sure she is saying, “Hey, I’m sure you didn’t measure that right! I NEED MORE FOOD!”

And then when I let her out in the morning, she doesn’t head right to the stairs to go down and outside to potty. Nope. Instead she saunters around the room looking for any kibbles of food that might have gotten bumped out of a dish onto the floor.

So I stand at the bottom of the stairs calling, coaxing and encouraging her to come down so we can go outside. Or if I’m in a hurry, I scurry back up the stairs and walk behind her to encourage her to go in the right direction.

Well, a week ago Sunday, when I was preparing to take Sage’s pups to Spokane, I hurriedly went upstairs to get her up and outside to potty before I left. And in my rushed state, she went scurrying for the stairs cause she knew “mom” was in a hurry and slipped, then tumbled, rolled and bounced all the way down the stairs! Poor Hopie! She is not very agile or coordinated to begin with so she didn’t have a chance of righting herself on the way down. I felt terrible. Poor girl. I picked her up and loved on her, then got her outside for her potty time.

I finished up what I needed to do, then hurried out the door with the ten puppies.

Later that morning, hubby messaged me, “Hope is limping.” Oh no! I hadn’t noticed her doing that when she went out to potty, but maybe she had some adrenaline still pumping through her body and the limp hadn’t appeared yet.

Thankfully, I knew she would spend most of the day sleeping which is probably whatever the injury was, would require.

I checked her limp out when I got home and decided to give the vet a call in the morning.

I already had an appointment for Amber and her pups that coming Thursday so I hoped I could get Hope in to get looked at, even if I had to reschedule Amber’s part of the exam. Thankfully they had time to squeeze her in too. And I knew whatever was going on wasn’t an “emergency” so waiting until Thursday wouldn’t hurt any. As I mentioned, Hope sleeps about 85% of her life anyways. I would just make sure and carry her up and down stairs so she wouldn’t put more strain on the injury.

So she went in and got checked over. It was her knee. And since we knew her knees/patellas were good before the accident, the vet was hopeful that with rest and some anti-inflammatory meds it would heal eventually. In fact, she had improved before Thursday so that was nice to see.

So Hope is resting her leg and getting carried up and down stairs. Plus now she gets bit of cheese morning and evening with a small pill inside. She has no idea about the pill and is so happy that she now gets this special treat twice a day. And as for resting her leg, yah, her life hasn’t changed much. She “rested” her leg, legs, body everyday anyways! 😉



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  1. DiDi says:

    Love that Hopie girl!!

  2. Zaya says:

    Glad to hear she’s doing well!

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