Starting to play

Sky’s little fluff balls are starting to get more active. They interact together and with mom, but today they had fun in a little play area I set up for them. I threw a potty pad down “just in case” because I was cleaning their litter box. That’s about the only time I will use one. You might notice in a video I will post on YouTube, that one of the pups grabs the potty pad and starts to play with it. And that’s why I don’t use them! Puppies tend to play with, tear up and drag potty pads around instead of using them to potty on.

And now for their five-week-old portraits.


3# @ 5 weeks


3# 5 oz @ 5 weeks


1# 11 oz


2# 11 oz

Just a reminder, we will be matching this litter next weekend. Cut off to get on the litter list for a phone call is noon on Friday for those on our Cavapoo waiting list. I will reach out and likely get the first pup matched that afternoon since I only have one person from my waiting list who has asked to be added to this litter’s list!

If no other people from my list asked to be added onto this litter’s list before Friday noon, then I will likely post on Friday afternoon and open things up to take a few applications to matche the remaining puppies. If you’re not on our list and interested please keep an eye on the blog for announcements. We won’t be taking any new applications before that.


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8 Responses to Starting to play

  1. Mona Asker says:

    All of these puppies are adorable. But Rita has my heart. Such a sweetie pie.

  2. Eggy Holmaas says:

    I totally agree. If we were up for another doggie, I would absolutely want Rita. Such a sweetheart!

  3. Vicki says:

    Can hardly believe they are 5 weeks old. Sweet puppies especially Rita.

  4. Zaya says:

    Oh my goodness – Shane’s face just melts me. Anxiously awaiting your waiting list to open back up!

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