Two little pumpkins available!

We have two available boy Cavapoos! That’s right, two boys. They are both darling apricots with plush, wavy coats and wiggly tails.

**UPDATE**Norman has been matched! Oliver is the only available puppy <3

The bigger one, Oliver is the most outgoing of the two. He’s playful, active, and adventurous but also so sweet!

My guess is he will end up in the 18-22 lb range as an adult.

The smaller one is Norman. He has a blaze of white down his face and one blue eye and one brown eye. He is the the “least” brave of the litter and snuggly. My guesstimate on his adult weight would be a bit smaller than his brother, probably 15-18 lb range. **Norman has been matched with his family!**

Normally within a litter we will have a leader or two (depending on litter size) that are the most adventurous and outgoing, getting into things and trying every new thing out firs. Then one or two at the other end that are more reserved and like to check things out a while before they dive in, then the rest will be middle of the pack personalities. Norman is the most reserved. But the good news is, by the time these pups are all around seven to eight weeks of age you won’t see a lot of difference and they’ll all be going gangbusters running, playing and getting into things!

These boys will be ready to go on Sunday, November 6th when we’ll be meeting their families in Spokane that morning to personally hand them off.

If you are interested in one of these boys, please click the links below and fill out both applications consecutively. The more information you give, the better so I can try to make each boy to the best fit. And the sooner you fill them out the better! We’d like to get both boys matched something this weekend.

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2


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  1. Lynn says:

    How much are yoy charging for the cavapoos? How old are they?

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