I just want to say how grateful I am for all of you that follow our blog, Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram and are fans of our adorable dogs! And for those of you who have gotten dogs from us and shared them with family, friends and people you meet along the way. Because of you, our puppies find more amazing homes!

Now, all of Sky’s adorable puppies have been matched with wonderful homes. Thanks to all who reached out with interest about our two extra boys too! It’s a tough choice sometimes when you get more potential great homes then you have puppies for! I hate to turn people down, but try to fit the pup to the right family/situation. I love when things come together. <3

And now we get a few more weeks with these darlings as we prepare to get them ready for their new homes.

It was time to move them upstairs to the puppy room since they needed more room!

Lunch time!

Here is where they are introduced to the crate and started on crate training. There’s more room to set up big toys, obstacles and other fun things we like to introduce them too. And since we are having a beautiful fall still, we’ll take them outside to explore the garden and meet the big dogs soon.

Have a great week everyone! ❤️


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