Into the jungle

Well, we had a break in the rainy, cold fall weather yesterday that was predicted. Granted it was still colder than it has been, but the sun came out and it was another gorgeous fall day!

So after lunch I loaded the puppies into a small carrying crate and we headed outside to the garden.

Since the weather predication had very cold weather and lots of rainy days in the upcoming forecast, I had already taken down and cleaned up the garden play area. So instead, I just turned the pups loose and we explored around the garden and raised beds.

Shane, Rita and Oliver came right out of the crate as soon as I opened the door. Norman, true to form, was a bit more cautious. I called and called but he sat and watched from the doorway. But when I walked right up to the crate and called him out, he immediately stepped out the door! He just needed a little closer encouragement. Then he was good to go!

Since we haven’t had a frost yet and I haven’t finished cleaning out the garden plants yet, they had fun exploring, climbing, running, sniffing, chewing and squeezing through the plants and vines. It was like their own private jungle!

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4 Responses to Into the jungle

  1. Melissa Standish says:

    Thank you for posting so many photos and videos of Shane, Rita, Oliver and Norman. We love seeing them! And thank you also for putting so much time and love into socializing them. What an amazing job you do with the pups!

  2. Samantha says:

    Love the pictures! Can hardly wait to get on your list. Beautiful puppies ❤️

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