When we have a litter of puppies here, I try to post weekly “birth”day pictures on the day the pups were born. Of course, that day is always busier because picture taking takes time especially the older (and wiggler) that the litter gets. But on picture day we also do some other things.

I have my models today to show you what we try to accomplish each week.

Oliver says we have to sit very still while mom trims our teeny tiny toenails.

Shane says, mom likes to trim the hair around our eyes so it doesn’t get messy. I have to hold very still for this. Mom says, if my new family wants to do this they should get the rounded-nosed scissors in case I wiggle.



Norman tried hard to sit still so he could get weighed. But at this age, it’s more of a guess as puppies wiggle too much!

Rita says, mom checks our collars to make sure they’re not too tight because we keep growing.

Then we went out to the barn for our “Farm Fresh” pictures. Also tricky to do at this age because the little bunny rabbits want to hop out of the box!





Then we loaded up for a wagon ride to the garden for some more fun. Today was sunny, but cool. Yesterday was rainy and overcast. So we definitely wanted to take advantage of the sunny, fall days to be outside.

We’re so blessed to have different sized dogs to introduce our puppies to. Cajsa is the best! She is so careful, gentle and very tolerant of little wiggly puppies. Rita was not sure about the big creature walking around “her” garden. She kept sniffing Cajsa and leaning in for a closer look/smell. It was cute.



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