The hitchhiker

I’ve got a little story to share.

Ben, our big farm guardian is such a good boy. Most days he’s sleeping next to the porch (even though he has a very expensive Kuranda bed on the porch!). Or he’s on his favorite perch at the top of the hill watching the meadow and road below.

He does most of his patrolling in the early morning or evenings or when he hears or smells something, then off he goes with his deep penetrating bark warning the intruder he is on patrol.

And if any of vehicles leave home, he just hangs out and watches the vehicle leave.

But there’s one exception.

If I leave pulling a horse trailer, he always wants to follow me! I have no idea why. One day I drove all the way down our driveway, turned onto the “highway” then looked in my mirror and there he was running after me! I had to drive down to the neighbor’s driveway, turn around (pulling the trailer) and drive all the way back home and up the hill and lock his booty up!

He never follows anyone but me. And only if I’m pulling the horse trailer. Weird.

So the other day, hubby and I were returning  a ginormous cement mixer to a neighbor who we had borrowed it from. (Used on hubby’s latest project which I’ll share about at a later date). They live about six miles as the crow flies and the same direction as town. So we thought we’d drop it off then head to town for a few errands.

We hitched the mixer up to the truck. Yep, it’s that big. You tow it with a trailer hitch.

You know where I’m going with this story, don’t you?

And as we’re pulling away from the house, Ben got that same animated look on his face and body posture. “Mom’s pulling a trailer. I must follow!”

I headed out, hoping he wouldn’t follow. I mean this wasn’t a horse trailer. Why in the world would he follow a cement mixer?

Halfway down the driveway hubby got out and walked back towards home as he told Ben to “go home”. Ben slowly retreated.

But as soon as hubby was back in the truck and I started off again, here came Ben!

I knew it was hopeless at that point. So I stopped at the bottom of our hill before we turned onto the highway, rearranged some things in the back seat and loaded the big hairball into the truck.

We now had a 100+ lb furry hitchhiker that was going on all our errands with us. What a big goofball. It wouldn’t have been bad except he lost his lunch in my back seat at one point. Yuck!

Of course, when we made out stop at the feed store I had to take him with me. Hubby thought I had lost my marbles taking my “pony” with me. 😉

But he was the bestest boy and got lots of attention and loves from people.

And thoroughly enjoyed the big cookie the cashier gave him.

Almost home with our extra passenger.

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4 Responses to The hitchhiker

  1. Peggy Stockton Holmaas says:

    Love, love your stories! Lots of adventures at your house!

  2. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Awww, what a great big charmer!

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