A large pupdate post; I just had to share here too!

We have a private group on Facebook for our puppy families only. It’s private so they can chat, exchange contact info and plan puppy playdates or share updates.

Well, the other day someone started a thread and there were numerous people how shared pictures of their dogs. And since it’s a private group, only our Pinewood “family” got to see.

But I just had to share these adorable pictures with the rest of the world too. It makes my heart so happy to see updates and pictures of our pups all grown up in their new homes and enjoying life with their families.

Oso, formerly Pepper from the spice litter.

Izzy in her happy place. Crimson of the red litter 4.5 years ago.

10 week old Charlie from Charlie’s Angels. He kept the name Charlie. Quincy having a lazy day.

Breaker with his autumn bow tie. Formerly Lemon from the citrus litter 2.5 years old.

Babu age 6 (formerly Tinsel) and little sister Peanut formerly Biscuit from the bread litter.

Pippin formerly Peter from the Brady Bunch at 5.5 years.


Cooper formerly Kevin from the Office litter.

Bentley (2 years)

Winnie formerly Jelly Bean from the Easter 2021 litter and big sister Moby formerly Minnie from the September 2019 Mickey & Minnie litter.

Teddy formerly Christian Dior (7 yrs) and Auggie formerly Bambi (1.5 yrs)

Roxy formerly Porsche from the fancy car litter.

Hoover (4 yrs) living his best life!

Dexter formerly Elf from the Christmas 2018 litter.

Bear also from the Christmas 2018 litter.

Macy formerly Licorice from the 2013 candy litter.

Libby formerly Liberty with her kitty friend.

Zoe formerly Orca from the black and white animal litter. (2.5 yrs)

Louie formerly Charlie.

Willow formerly Muffin from our recent bread litter.

Cora Bear formerly Peeps from the 2021 Easter litter.

Coco one of our senior Cavapoos at 11.5 years of age.

Cammi formerly Sonata from the musical litter (1.5 years).

Copper at 3 yrs formerly Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh litter.

Herschel (1.5 yrs) formerly Chord from the musical litter.

Remi formerly Queso from the Cinco de Mayo litter (2.5 yrs).

Archer formerly Waylon from our country singer litter of May 2019.

Moose aka Momo formerly Chili from the pepper litter.

Ralphie formerly Apple (2yrs).

Higgins formerly Rhett pictured. at his arrival home and 8 months.


Louie formerly Macadamia from the nut litter. Lexie from the cow litter at 14 mo.

Murphy (our very popular Instagram star) from the chip litter.

So so love these picture updates from everyone!!❤️❤️❤️

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6 Responses to A large pupdate post; I just had to share here too!

  1. OMGosh what treasures all! I have seen Murphy on IG and wondered if he was a Pinewood Pup. No wonder all these photos make you so proud—Happy dogs in happy families make for a happier world!

  2. David+Yarmus says:

    Everyone one is magnificent u beed beautiful puppies

  3. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    What an absolute delight to see such happy, well-loved fur-children. Thank you so much for sharing the love and joy!

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