Kitchen chaos

The days are definitely getting colder and last night we had some more rain. So today, I let the pups “invade” the kitchen to have a different view and place to explore. And in order to keep the noise level to a minimum, Presley was either outside on a break or in his Iris pen while the pups were in the kitchen. He’s way to big and mature to play with them and otherwise he would’ve been at the “gate” barking at them the whole time! Oh, my ears!

I decided to go ahead and feed them lunch in the kitchen since I had mopped the puppy room and the floor was not dry yet. Then after lunch we headed out to the backyard for a potty break and to stretch the legs out some.

This was their first time out there as we usually play in the garden when we go outside. I try to avoid the backyard with little puppies, especially when they are almost ready to go home because of the pine trees. We usually end up with pitch in the hairy feet pads to trim out. But it’s so much easier to head that way for potty breaks after meals.

And they had a blast while they were out there! And got enough wiggles out after lunch to hopefully have a nap. They complained a bit when I put them back in the kitchen and sat down at my computer since I wasn’t paying attention to them. But since I didn’t acknowledge their “complaints” they quieted down and went to sleep.

But what’s the deal?! I give them a nice cushy bed and they sprawl out on the floor instead! Silly puppies!❤️

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